Rey Fernando de Castillo Fino En Rama, Jerez

Rey Fernando de Castillo Fino En Rama, Jerez


$301.20 (12 btls per case) / 375mL


In October 2013, Fernando de Castilla bottled a Fino En Rama for the first time. Originally this en rama version (which hasn’t been filtered or clarified, just lightly stabilized) was bottled by hand for Drake's Tabanco in London, UK. 

The age of this Fino En Rama is 4-5 years. Mind that it’s not simply the ‘en rama’ version of their regular Classic Fino (which is a modern-style, young Fino). Instead it is a blend of both the Classic Fino and their Antique Fino (an 8 years old Fino from a solera that was composed from barrels taken out of the Classic solera), usually one cask of each mixed together. They used to do two bottlings a year but now they only do one in Spring because they think it’s the best moment.

It’s worth noting that none of Fernando de Castilla’s wines undergo aggressive filtering, yet the Fino En Rama does feel fuller and more intense than the Classic Fino. (


About the Producer

In Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla, located in the historic center of Jerez, one can find the real treasures of this wine-making region. The collection of sherries is made up of the finest wines from the area, ranging from the pale, light and elegant finos to the unique Antique sherries. In recent years our wines have received the highest national and international distinctions. The collection would not be complete without our old Sherry Vinegars, bottled in very limited quantities to ensure unmatched quality.

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