Pirineos, 2022 Principio Moristel, Somontano

Pirineos, 2022 Principio Moristel, Somontano


$163.20/ 6-bottle case

Made from the indigenous and very rare Moristel grape. A glorious dark ruby, deep, cloudy and bright thanks to low PH. Clean and red-fruited, it’s a quiet riot of salted plum, sweet currant and smoky-floral blackberry -cane tea. The palate is cool-tempered, lean and briary with cold wet-slate minerals. The citric-acid tartness is leavened by a mid-palate layer of dried cranberry. Aromatically persistent, and stimulating in the mouth.

About the producer

The winery is owned by Barbadillo from Jerez fame. Somontano is a cool northern Spanish region at the base of the Pyrenees. Pirineos winery is the founding winery of Somontano. It is deeply rooted in society and has staunch support thanks to the participation of over 200 winemakers from the regional cooperative. Born from a unique land and age in the Somontano microclimate until becoming solid, original and personal wines. They are the fruit of perfect balance between international grapes and indigenous varieties of great enological value.

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