Montecastro, 2018 Reserva, Ribera del Duero

Montecastro, 2018 Reserva, Ribera del Duero


$403.20/ 6-bottle case

The wine is ripe and heady but the oak feels much better integrated, and the palate is smoother and with better balance and freshness. It's mostly Tempranillo with some 5% Merlot matured in used French and American (10%) oak barrels for 13 to 18 months. Wines are fermented in concrete, with finely balanced use of oak.

About the producer

Bodegas Montecastro has 27 hectares located in the province of Valladolid (Castrillo de Duero) bordering closer to Burgos and one of the highest altitudes of Valladolid and even the Ribera del Duero. Its vineyards are found between 860 and 923 meters above sea level. It is a modern winery, committed to organic farming, using cutting-edge technology and know-how which has been passed on from generation to generation. The vinification process at Montecastro is simple, selective and natural. However, we try to experiment with modern production techniques that respect the grape while enhancing aromas, maintaining the quality and balance, and particularly protecting the tannins. In 2012, Bodegas Hacienda Monasterio became a shareholder of Montecastro, taking on the technical, wine-making and sales management, bringing acclaimed winemaker Peter Sisseck to craft the wines.

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