Valdonica, 2019 Arnaio Sangiovese, Toscana

Valdonica, 2019 Arnaio Sangiovese, Toscana


 $217.20/ 6-bottle case

The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks. Wild yeast fermentation and subsequent maceration lasts 2 to 3 weeks. Between 0 and 30% whole clusters (non-destemmed grapes) are used, the percentage changing according to the vineyard and the ripeness of the stems. At the end of fermentation/maceration, each ferment is pressed out before being racked into tanks – with minimal barriques time – and aged for up to 10 months. Elegant nose, delicate hint of tobacco, black and a few red berries, a hint of dried flowers, nutty traces, light mineral notes. Clear, firm, tart, juicy fruit on the palate, herbaceous, nutty and light floral aromas, very fine youthful tannins, light bite, delicate touch of oak, light cedary notes, a hint of tobacco, prominent mineral notes, some depth, clear contours, very good, firm, tart, juicy, slightly spicy finish.

Best Young Organic Red-Wine in Italy – Degustazione Nazionale 
About the producer

Biodiversity: 11 different clones of Sangiovese and re-cultivating forgot about grapes like Ciliegiòlo, Vermentino Nero and Massareta. Chemical-free: vines planted in pure wilderness. Volcanic: high up in the hills – in touch with the Mediterranean Sea. No irrigation handpicked: deep-rooted wines feed minerals to the grapes. Refined elegance and character: small-batch vinification, partly matured in French oak. CO2 positive: compensating 100% more CO2 than producing. Organic certified: no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, sulphites below 60mg/l.

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