Pheasant's Tears, 2019 Rkatsiteli Bodbiskhevi, Kakheti

Pheasant's Tears, 2019 Rkatsiteli Bodbiskhevi, Kakheti


$235.20 6-bottle case

This Rkatsiteli is from the Bodbiskhevi vineyard with alluvial brown soil and sandstone, the vines are 45 years old. The wine sees 3 weeks of skin maceration, making it a light fresh orange/amber wine. Fermented and aged in qvevri, the traditional Georgian clay vessel. Unfined, unfiltered and no SO2 added. Notes of dried apricot, black tea and walnuts. This style works lovely served slightly chilled and with meals where there is a lot of variety of flavours, such as Mediterranean, Spanish tapas, mezzo, Mexican and Asian. It's a style that has ethereal notes of a soprano and weighty bass in one voice. It is the preferred style of wine in Georgia where the cuisine is something between Greek and Persian.


About the producer

Pheasant's Tears is arguably the best known Georgian winery. The name comes from a Georgian tale in which the hero claims only truly outstanding wine could make a pheasant cry. 

Pheasant’s Tears was born out of a love of authentic tradition, and culture and endless creativity. It is more than a winery, it's about songs, cuisine, art, heritage, tangible and intangible. For wine is born out of a confluence of the spirit of a place, its geology, its history, and the emotions of the vitner himself. In the end, a dialogue between nature and man, a fine tension between respect for the past and creating a new experience for tomorrow. Traditions here are seen as the nourishing soul for improvisation and respectful evolution.

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