Barbadillo, NV Brandy de Jerez 'BB', Sanlucar de Barrameda

Barbadillo, NV Brandy de Jerez 'BB', Sanlucar de Barrameda


$235.20 / 6-bottle case (700mL)

 Fortified grape spirits (Airen) selected from distilled wines, rounded out with small quantities of aged Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez wines. More than half of the spirits used to create this Brandy are of lower alcohol content (no more than 70%) and therefore retains many aromas of the original wines.

This is a younger Brandy de Jerez, aged for 12 months in old Oloroso casks in a solera system. (36% alc./vol.)


About the producer

Barbadillo is the South and it is the Sea. It is Cadiz and it is the westerly winds. It is Sanlúcar and it is tradition. It is a centenary winery, yet it is the future. Barbadillo’s history dates back to 1821; the year in which we first began producing Manzanilla wine and since then we have done nothing but evolve as we continue to produce remarkable wines that are sure to leave their mark on all who consume them.

With our own vineyards that stretch over 500 hectares, 16 ageing wineries in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and a red and white winemaking plant, Barbadillo is one of the largest wineries in the Marco de Jerez vineyard area. The Masters of Manzanilla.

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